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Chaikefusiji of infantile period " music "
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Chaikefusiji (1840-1893) , the composer with the greatest Russia. He is born in the family of a noble that Russian Weiyatesiji visits, in those fort is jurisprudential officer reads 10 years old when, begin to study piano and write music. Chaikefusiji's work is various, stylistic and extensive, operatic " spade empress " , pantomime " swan lake " " Sleeping Beauty " " walnut clincher " the work that etc is him. His work is called the fetch " of " Russia. Chaikefusiji's parents is not musician, but they like music very much, but they are in however innocently in fostered Chaikefusiji the rhythm feeling of acumen. Chaikefusiji ever was in " memoir " in write: "My father makes I experience the glamour of musical rhythm in infantile period, this is I am on musical viatic start. This is I am on musical viatic start..

Chaikefusi is based on was born in Russian Wojinsike 1840, that is city of industry of a metal. His father works in mining area, the mother is common housewife, person of the neither one in the home has artistic ability. But, chaikefusiji's parents likes music very much. Parents is right of Chaikefusiji be born very glad, husband and wife two pairs this son is caressed to the utmost. Everyday, after father goes going to work, the mother is attended in the home still the Chaikefusiji in swaddle. His mother is a gentle, considerate, beauty has cultural woman greatly again. Occasionally, small Chaikefusijihui cries aloud be troubled by, at this moment, mother with respect to one side hum the move is agrestic the Russia folk song with dye-in-the-wood flavour, flapping gently at the same time his small buttock. A lot of moment, the Chaikefusiji that still is a baby is in mother hum fall asleep peacefully in these having harmonious rhythm " composition " of the move, enter melting dreamland.

Crepuscular when, small Chaikefusiji woke. In the cradle he is playing his young toy at the same time, listening at the same time outside the earnest of " , the clop of earnest " by far and close. The father that is him then comes off work came home. As time passes, every time the earnest that he hears " , when the clop of earnest " , he can brandish as that clop chubby small arm, asing if is to welcoming father to come home. His father bout arrives in the home, the first thing holds the son in the cradle in the arms namely rise amuse his amuse oneself. Father holds small Chaikefusiji in the arms on double leg, give out in one side mouth feel the sound that imitates horse's hoof, exchange a left, right leg by turns at the same time, holding a son in the arms east shake shake on the west, fluctuation is vibratile, to little baby, this is a kind of wonderful rhythm really. The hypnotic song of these little music game and mother together, the predestined relationship that makes Chaikefusiji fell to indissoluble with musical knot as a child.

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