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Bureau of education of area of afterwards black sheep is rolled out 1 -- , 4 series are decreased negative since making, today (11) day, this bureau rolls out again " decrease lose 5 order " -- , " mass promotion makes " : Ask intermediary orgnaization to build educational education quality certification system, the president executes 3 years to be hired, build a student " account of integrated competition ability " , issue educational white paper regularly... Lou Jin of area education director expresses, will pass " decrease negative " promotion quality, use society, parent, school, teacher etc

Judge: Intermediary orgnaization is participated in

Begin next year, bureau of education of black sheep area will begin explore a canal, do, the system that criticizes tripartite depart, take the lead in introducing orgnaization of tripartite intermediary to share the evaluation of the school, teacher, president in complete province. True implementation " still give the president the school " , " small office, old system " manage an end. From the Qing Yang since recently area general collects delegate of educational association, expert, parent extensively to form tripartite group to social all circles, be in charge of technically undertaking be assessmented integratedly to this area school, evaluate the assessment link up with of result general and president, teacher. To enhance the knowledge of the parent, society to the school, area education bureau still can be released regularly " educational white paper " .

The director unscrambles: Be in charge of previously, do, judge all be in charge of by educational service, caused " this canal is in charge of with what ought not to be in charge of, the canal must pass dead too much " , teaching what service acts as is the double identity of athlete and ref, "Doing well is he said to calculate " . "Henceforth, teach the evaluation of education level, evaluation to the school to wait to will be handed in to whole will carry out by intermediary orgnaization, build the school to teach education quality certification system, assure the objectivity of the evaluation, just sex. " in addition, "Decrease negative " effect also will include the president to examine content, complete change regards the only standard that evaluates the school as proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade.

The president: Hire 3 years

The president also should be broken lifelong make! 5 order ask to want to build president qualification effectiveness for a given period of time to make. With 3 years of in the limit of, effectiveness for a given period of time expires, want to assess a program to gain president competence afresh through business, outstanding achievement, fail qualified person cannot mount guard.

On pedagogic team construction, want to build pedagogic quality to amount to mark attestation to make, the teacher cent is eligible, backbone, outstanding 3 grade. In addition, every months of attend a lecture does not get the president little at 10, educational bureau mechanism should build stereo of classroom education market to guide system, mechanism cadre wants fixed and thorough classroom to undertake monitoring to education quality, basically stress education quality.
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