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Beijing high school physics tutoring How to Study High School Physics
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High school sophomore is a critical period, not only re-course task, but also largely determine the direction of future development of the students, and whether admitted to the ideal university. For the physics of learning, should be to foster research questions The main method. Timely completion of the learning task into the second year, students should adjust study time, pay attention to the task of learning the day to day to complete, can not leave the problem, so adds up to more problems, learning pressure The greater the force, which will affect the confidence to learn physics. Overall, the high school system of strict and complete physical knowledge, knowledge of systemic stronger. Therefore, we should pay attention to grasp the system of knowledge, culture of the problem. High school physics tutoring Beijing: emphasis on experimental and diligent experiments Electrical high school physics experiment is difficult, often college entrance exam is the content, so be sure to learn this part of the content. Before doing the experiment must be clear principles and procedures of the experiment, observe and make every Experiment. The ability of the students can design their own some of the experiments, and to the laboratory for verification. This experimental capabilities is of great help. Beijing high school physics tutoring: the combination of listening and self-study Than high school, High School teaching contents, classroom capacity, students must pay attention to listen to the teachers to explain, to keep up with the idea of teachers. School seriously listen to is the students learn ways to enhance the ability of the most direct Effective way. Positive thinking in the lectures, we should constantly ask questions himself, then answered by listening. To achieve the high efficiency of class, you must preview before class, rehearsal should pay attention to the link old and new knowledge , The new study of the physical concepts and physical laws into the existing pattern of cognitive structures among the rapid acquisition of new knowledge, to achieve the smooth transfer of knowledge. Preview only increase the understanding of relevant content, but also improve their reading Reading comprehension skills, moderation skills. Over time, the students self-learning ability will be greatly improved. Beijing high school physics tutoring: Periodic Review Summary In the process of learning to cultivate the good habit of regular review concluded. Review is not a simple repetition of knowledge, but to improve the process of sublimation. First day of review, which is time-efficient learning methods. Second, complex end of the chapter Learning, a clear knowledge of each chapter the main trunk and grasp the knowledge structure, systematization of knowledge. Identify the section and the section between the links between chapters, create new knowledge structures and knowledge systems. The consolidation and deepening of the knowledge , But also learned ways to improve the capacity. Physically simple to remember the contents of the few, the majority need to understand. Through systematic and effective review, we will find a thick textbook on physics is actually "thin." To test The classification of exercises done to find the corresponding solution, as soon as possible adverse changes in learning methods, study habits, learning psychology.
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