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Family Education Early concerns: Adult children creative vision stifled
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Family atmosphere, the attitude of the parents, the children cultivate creativity, "yielded to" or "turn the boat against the current" two very different results. Shanghai, Tianjin and other cities in 6 of 106 primary and secondary schools 11,098 students transferred Investigation found that most of the children and create strong atmosphere of democracy and freedom from the family. According to the "Wen Wei Po" message, "Kids do not understand a bloody fool", which is often interested in one of the parents lose their children. Parents like to use the adult perspective, the seeds of creativity for children to be killed unintentionally. Survey "Democratic-type" family education in ways that favor the cultivation of creative children. Investigation by the reaction of children to analyze the demolition of the alarm type of education of parents. "I am angry, scolding me out" and "I'll stop being such a warning Thing "is a" force-type "educated;" does not matter, anyway, have removed the "is" indulgent type "educated; and" praise and encouragement "and" to do together with me and give me the knowledge to explain " is a "public Main type "of education. It was found that the" democratic-type "accounted for 54.4%," mandatory type "accounted for 33.5%," doting type "accounted for 12.1%. From the parental education level and" democratic-type "look at the relationship between educational methods, the more high education level Parents will take the "democratic-type" of education. Frequently results in the creation of education in Shanghai Xiangming Middle School, students create and invent in the process of tracking and found that the higher level of knowledge of parents of the child so-called "wild mischief-making" behavior that tolerance and guidance, there Help the child to dare to practice large, germination of new ideas. President Rui Renjie that the formation of student's creative personality, family education is a factor that needs to be amplified. Some experts believe that far-reaching attitude of parents on children. For example, "in the economic conditions permit, the parents always encouraged me to choose clothing styles and colors," "Parents often talk with me, science and technology, Cultural or social information, exchange of information "," parents encouraged me to explore things of interest, "" At home I can understand the world through the Internet, "and so on, the cultivation of creativity of children is a positive Strength shown on the child's behavior seems funny to be tolerant and perhaps even create a spark ignited.
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