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Jiading District more than 1,300 parents attended "and the children grow" Fami
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To further strengthen ideological and moral education of minors, to help communities improve family education, family level, Jiading District, Shanghai Women's Federation has invited a group of famous experts and scholars on September 17 -10 30 into the community, in Anting Town Xu Bank town, so new streets, new streets into the road, Juyuan New Area, Jiading town streets six Jiezhen to more than 1,300 community-parents, children launched a "grow with the child" family education lecture series. The rich content of the lectures, "know thyself" against the process of psychological development of young rebellious, impulsive, self, a distinctive feature of being closed, through the development of Pudong Jiaoyu researcher, Senior teacher Yan vivid red 老师 explanation, from self self-discipline herself pleasant, optimistic, realistic, three mental health standards set, and students to interact positively and help them learn to correctly understand themselves, know how to discipline themselves to build a positive attitude towards life; Shanghai famous TV show "Happy Cube" psychological experts, instructors, Shanghai Mental Health Lecturer, speaker, teacher Lin Yi-true "and the children grow," inspired parents to the scientific concept of parenting, to find the child's talents, allowing children to make mistakes to grow, to encourage children to dare to try eventually let the children learn how to learn, learn to love, learn to survive, learn financial management, learn to cooperate, learn to cherish the time to have a healthy personality, calm face of society, into the community; Chencai Yu, director of Shanghai Science and childcare base of the "parent-child relationship and successful parents, "the survey data by a large number of tutors and vivid case for the young parents answering questions, so that they have some psychological adjustment techniques to help them in the process of child development, pay attention to the power of example of self, and learn with their children get along; Social Psychology Ph.D., Fudan University Professor Wang Jinli speaker, "the couple harmony - dedicated to the child the best gift" around "You are good parents? role model in mind you are a child? You What are aware of their problems as a parent? you want to know how successful the parents have a successful model? "and a series of problems in analysis, to help parents improve the harmonious relationship between husband and wife the degree of attention;" for the children "before the magazine edited by Zhang Mei teachers and parents through the interaction, from the concept of emotional intelligence, the importance of emotional intelligence to enhance the learning ability and so layman's language and explains how to develop high EQ child; Children's Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University Wo Yue, deputy chief physician Liu's "prevention of disease in children autumn and winter," lecture, from a focus on infant health care start with an introduction by a typical case, in time to help parents understand and grasp the child's health, children health, happiness grow. Because of this lecture series with a menu-style service, which allows selection of the Jiezhen according to actual demand, which invited the senior instructor, learned, coupled with the careful organization Women Cadres at all levels, carefully arranged, every lecture hall have been the majority of families in the community, and achieved success.
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