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Students write a design document of Wuhan recruited hundreds of volunteers, tut
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Wuhan Institute of Law and Business School students Fang with 6 months to plan and planning to write the book to page 17 and successfully raised 115 volunteers to tutor obligations. For a time, her experience at the school passed to his brother's wife. Fang reporter saw 13, and her plan book. Fang told reporters that part-time freshman in the school cafeteria, she always find time to give the owner's child counseling homework, accompany them to spend their weekend time. See these children because their parents were busy working hard and less companionship, Lifang Meng had called volunteers tutor for the children the idea of obligation. As a French Business School Volunteer Association, vice president, Fang learn the experience of other school activities, finishing 17-page letter written to the planning book. Including questionnaires, parents application form, volunteer application form, agreement, both sides should abide by the Code, regulations volunteers, parents, and other information feedback form. To this end, she whole busy 6 months. Work in the school cafeteria duty tutor Miss Qin told after the event, and soon entered into an agreement with them, please volunteer for his second grade son Binbin provide tutoring. Miss Qin said that she and her husband are busy workers, usually no time for Binbin studies, since the signing of an agreement Volunteers arrange six volunteers each week turns to the children classes, a semester, academic performance has been significantly Binbin increased. Up to now, there are already 17 such children as being Binbin Wuhan Institute of volunteers to counseling. Fang said, to enlist in the number of volunteers is still growing, we all want to pay their bit to help the children grow up feeling more love and warmth.
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