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9 safety that parents often makes are wrong
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The administrative assistant Chen Meng of a company always thinks his home is safe to the child, "We give all electrical outlet mount safe lid, of window and door protect column to also had been installed. " result one day, the thing that makes Chen Meng distressed still happened: Triumphant triumphant took out cleaner to besmear his all over the body is from hutch ark, more of flooey is he still drank a few.

Triumphant triumphant be sent hospital clyster gastric lavage, fortunately triumphant triumphant drink Debingbuduo. This shows, often checking the safe hidden trouble in the home seriously is the work that parents must do.
The expert's warning -- the happening of the accident impossible to defend effectively

Research of harm of hospital of American Columbus children and policy department head Dr. Simite say:

Parents often thinks to want his to always hospitaling nurse only the child, meet uneventful. But, the accident is impossible to defend effectively. Blink kongfu, disaster can arrive; And the place that the reason just heats up coffee to be put in darling to be able to be taken because of a cup, or a door is good without the lock.

Eat one chasm, long one wisdom. We need to draw a few lessons from inside the mistake of other, 9 safe mistakes that parents often makes are below.

(one) take baby in bath crock alone

Most parent without reason or cause won't take baby in bath crock alone, but statistical number tells us however, the infantile be addicted to that has half above happens in the bathroom of oneself to death. When because receive a lot in parents,an express perhaps receives a telephone call, so a few minutes, the child drowns in bath crock.

In 1 inch of deep water, need 1 minute only, the baby may drown.

Right way:

* does not make darling alone stay in the place that has water absolutely; Would rather not pick up the telephone, do not open the door, also do not take baby in bath crock alone absolutely.
* closestool lid makes up safety is buckled.
* does the water in pail and washbasin entirely, and form a habit.

(2) eat insecure food to darling

Food often causes the main murderer of infant esophagus block, the commonnest is those small the round, food that sticks forcedly again again, because they stem very easily,aerate mouth. For example: Nut, grape, hard candy, carrot, explode panocha of seed of corn flower, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, hot dog, fruit juice is waited a moment, even peanut butter of one small spoon also can let year young block of child happening esophagus.

3 years old of the following children are the most incidental esophagus block, because their esophagus is very fine, and the child of this age likes to put pron any thing into the mouth especially in.

Right way:

* food mincing.
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