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Family education not inside bad news
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Neighbour Zhao elder sister often complaint: The family education of her home is the classics that reads aloud hard originally really. For education at economical consciousness, zhao elder sister places a plan, forbid its to spend pocket money in disorder, the amount of 5 horn above must get pay approval. Who knows, the farther-in-law of Zhao elder sister loves Sun Xin to cut, skill is not 5 yuan are 10 yuan, fill in stealthily clam grandchildren. The child lacks cash, need not arrive at all over there Zhao elder sister " ask for instructions reports " , need entwine grandfather to scatter only act like a spoiled child can success, from this gradually the undesirable habit of nurturance extravagant.

It is those who exercise the child to provide for oneself ability, add the school to be in nearly very close, the child goes to school, zhao elder sister is greeted rarely send toward. And the child's grandma volunteers however, should go up for a long time to protect " grandson " emissary, regardless of the weather, breathe out enlarge to have add. Sometimes Zhao elder sister teachs the child a little internal heat weighed a dot, the husband comes out to carry again carry, got her not to leave a stage before face lane of the child. Zhao sister says, family she a person is sung " black face " , very isolated. As time passes, the child also becomes oilier and oilier, move grandfather grandma easily this " a title assumed by an emperor's father who abdicated in favor of his son " , undertake boycott avowedly, call her in a dilemma.

As the singleton female an amplification of the team, the family that many elder teach a child jointly is increasing. How does domestic member cooperate many a little bit on family education, less top is arrogant, already made new task.

Swan, pike pulls the allegory of the car, we should not talk forget. In family education if a sky flies, an underwater is gotten, even distant some turn back car, educational child this " cart " sure do not pull on Gao Po. Accordingly, domestic member always should be safeguarded " episcopal official " authoritative, first and last around educational child this center. Echo each other, leading role is sung wonderfully, costar is held in both hands tacitly, gift each shining more brilliantly in the other's company, family education forms resultant force, ability achieves the goal of breeding good child.

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