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The daughter breaths out Buddha error of family education of gain and loss of Ta
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Family education of renown division word: Parents, becoming his is " know-all

Renown division brief introduction

Zhang Qinggui, male, 64 years old, countrywide outstanding teacher
, 51 labor medallists of countrywide, countrywide model worker, hubei province English is fancy teacher, first Wuhan city " 10 names division " . Teach to visit experimental middle school at Hubei now.

Renown division ana

Engraft to the child knowledge, be inferior to fostering the child to love reflection habit as a child. Good study convention is not to force come out, guide self-study, the child just can be benefited lifelong.

Parents does not become him is " know-all " , why does the child like this, why to like that, do not say or state with certainty easily before understanding.

Gain and loss of renown division Tan Yoer

I teach a daughter so

Big daughter resides the United States now, be haing Buddha university is postdoctoral; Young daughter is in Shanghai, it is engineer of a computer. Speak of a pair of oneself twin daughters, what spill over on face of Mr. Zhang Qinggui is father's peculiar affection and happiness. Although two daughters are not in beside, but each is close " small cotton-padded jacket " .

Guide think to pass by force engraft knowledge

Daughter year young when, I also had taken roundabout way. Daughter a year old of half, I develop professional dominant position with respect to the attempt, teaching they still teach to learn English while the daughter says Chinese. Earlier, I am quite successful feeling, discover the daughter learns quickly to forget quickly also later, often do Chinese and English even promiscuous.

Reading the postscript of growing rule of a few children and characteristic respect, I understand this age paragraph the child still does not have complete memory, engraft prematurely to the child course knowledge is probable it is get half the result with twice the effort.

After this, I pay attention to those who rear the child to ponder over a habit more. I often give a daughter taletelling, but tell whole story rarely. When telling minister light to break the story of the crock, daughter of my ask in reply: Young associate drops flood crock in, how can you do? The answer all kinds of strange things of two daughters, still think the practice of minister light " destroy a public property " not proper is become. I spoke favorably of the idea of daughter care public property, ask in reply again after daughter: Is the life that is a person after all important or is property principal?

Such dialog looks be like common, but the ability that virtually exercised to the child learns to analyse a problem and solve a problem.

Build self-study space for the child

When two daughters read elementary school, study result is not excellent, I ever also tightened Zhang Guo. But I am clear that I am father, it is a teacher, but not be absolutely " know-all " , I can church child a lot of things, but him child of more thing need goes learning, accordingly, the habit that teachs child nurturance self-study just is essential.
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