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A few kinds of incorrect family education are watched
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Though in last few years, the family of compatriots taught consciousness to increase, but still have education of a lot of parental ignored family. Take the person all round me for, when speaking of the child with them, understanding is taught to family of their or ignored or can take seriously insufficient; Or is watched without contemporary teaching in home or be a mistake, old-fashioned family education concept; Or knows how to should implement domestic education far from. Their idea often behaves it is the following kinds:

One, the child is too small, education is the following thing.
Think whats do not know the baby that just was born, educational premature, this is to lack inchoate education consciousness. Actually the child is born, had initial cognitive capacity, 0~3 year old the key that is a lot of ability development period, the enlightenment of Indian wolf child showed the value of educational environment, if this moment does not give him proper stimulation, do not provide favorable environment, the child's intelligence will be couldn't get sufficient, significant progress. American psychologist Bulumu thinks, if be with an intellectual level when the person is 17 years old 100, so intellectual level already was achieved when he is 4 years old 50, in 4~8 year old can develop 30, in 8~17 year old between can develop only 20. Visible, infant period the high speed phase that is intellective development. And the parents that does not have inchoate education consciousness, because do not understand the cerebrum potential that goes digging the child, develop the intelligence that misses the child for nothing gold period, it is the waste of resource of a kind of cerebra really.

2, tree nature is straight.
Of this kind of thought control below, a lot of parents often take the attitude of be indifferent to sth to the child, hold the post of its to develop, let things drift, the small sapling such as the result is long crooked when, it is difficult also to should be corrected, how does parents meditate again in those days late, education can take without the road back to one's former position. Because, infancy is the important period that forms habit of good morality, behavior, healthy character, cheeper does not have life experience, defend oneself dispute ability is poorer, behavior controls capacity oneself weaker, behavior control force is very finite also, need parents' certain tie and surelysubject sb to discipline, need models the child's heart attentively, develop healthy feeling of the child. A lot of exposed bad behavior are exposed with each passing day after a lot of children are grown, be like a volition not firm, fear to fail, via rising setback and selfishness, overbearing it is the disastrous effect that this kind of thought causes etc.

3, educational child, self-taught.
Many parents think educational child is very natural and self-taught thing, investment and study of the force that spend essence of life " how become qualification parents " it is very absurd and not necessary, together with how many from father generation there a few traditions that inheritance comes down teach a concept, when making certain parents encounters bewilderment and trouble on educational child respect, both neither is modest seek advice to others, also do not seek the solution through book or media, more search study means not actively to accept a family to teach a course " groom " , because the problem is couldn't get for a long time,solve as a result, did not undertake mend the fold after a sheep is lost or correctly dredge in time, block up the health of child body and mind grows, some causes beyond recall life tragedy even.
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