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Do not force the child
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Autumn it is Beijing a of grade of second year in high school of some key middle school 17 years old of girls, she is officer student union literary head of a department. She loves mad, love to be troubled by, love is sung, love jumps, her piano is played very well, had reached 6 grade level; Her ballet also jumps well; She loves a picture, draw a sketch everyday, the cartoon zoomorphism that she draws is more lifelike; Her song also is sung wonderfully, hear her tape, you can feel really some not famous star calls the likelihood.

But, a such optimistic girls, committed suicide after the unified exam however. For a short while, the school is astonished, parents is astonished, the classmate is astonished. Original, autumn the unified exam fails twice, possible fail to go up to the next grade, she feels she leaves the way that studies an university too far, accordingly, she chose to abandon, not be to abandon the university entrance exam this single-plank bridge, abandon youth and life however.

Interview autumn when the classmate, the word of a classmate makes I sigh with emotion myriad. That classmate says: "Autumn it is an all-round person, she sings, dance, shoot musical instrument, picture the picture is very good, each her good qualities enough makes she is in this to live socially in the future, but, she is stared at unluckily however went up oneself demerit. She is stared at unluckily however went up oneself demerit..

Pedagogic professor Howard Gardner of the United States uses the research achievement of many sided, the authenticator has 7 kinds of different intelligence at least- - the intelligence of the language, logistic- - the intelligence of the mathematical intelligence, intelligence of visual space, intelligence of body kinaesthesia, musical intelligence, human association, intelligence that enters a heart.

Accordingly, parents should understand above all, we each person has different intellective quality, children also are same. Presumable child shows dimensional talent, their vision appears special develop, like to change thing vision, it is language or speech message change namely drawing or three-dimensional figure, such child may be in the respect such as painterly, photography, building or dress design, plastic arts shows interest and specialty; Also some children show musical talent; Some children show body movement talent; Still some children are good at human association, they compare what understand another person easily to experience, can get along with of all kinds person, often act as the leader figure of the organization, such child is in more easily the domain such as politics, education, management or social activity scores a success. Some children can be shown more than a kind of endowment.

But, conventional intellective test and school education often take logic seriously only- - mathematical intelligence and language intelligence, hope the child holds a dominant position in the respect such as maths, Chinese that is to say. The content of the exam also emphasizes particularly on to be mixed to the play of these two kinds of wisdom mostly make an on-the-spot investigation. A few parents also pay close attention to the child mostly the ability of this two respects, think child Chinese counts the child that learn from good examples even if has learned, if other side is good, parents treats it as likely not attend to one's proper works or duties. It is very inequitable that such school education and domestic education are good at additionally 5 kinds of intellective students to those.
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