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Abuse cannot pass 3
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The nurturance of life characteristics of the person, having close relationship to the understanding of outside thing with the environment with located everybody and person. The person's understanding is to build be in individual on the foundation of exciting to new thing reaction, the stimulation with new to the outside human body has ternary sex normally, namely: Repellency, agree with gender, dependence. 
For example: (1) smokes the first cigarette when someone when, giddy dazzled wants a few hours, when smoking the 2nd times, the person suited quite, when sucking above, feel pleasant sensation, produce dependence, have strong interest. 
(The person that 2) Falungong is obsessed with, when hearing Falungong heresy for the first time, not pleasant to hear, sense absurd absurdity. When arriving like the 2nd rehear, feel to have bit of reason it seems that, when hearing above 3 times, some people criterion the evil in believing thoroughly, give precious life for it. 
(3) has individual official, when be embezzled for the first time or accepting bribe, be condemned by conscience, feel in the heart fear, hear hooter sound, see personnel of record be careful in one's conduct, feel nervous in the heart. When accepting bribe the 2nd times again, courage mostly. When receiving above 3 times, with respect to be accustomed to sth, some alls alone everywhere even bribe, till get of party disipline and the law of the state punish severely, regret already late. 
(4) is a little teenage, seek stimulation, be in " friend " below generosity, when drugs of first time suck, the body is incommensurate, headache the head faints, resembled giving birth to an a serious illness. The 2nd again when suck, unwell feeling is done not have so serious. When sucking above, produced sharp comfortable move, produced dependence, need times suck drugs experiences the stimulation of drugs, if be not stimulated, can feel the twinge like pinprick all over, at this moment, so called " friend " no longer fervent, and should be bought with high price. To raise money poison endowment, pervert the law of a lot of person take bribes, a lot of people reduce burglar, also somebody becomes poisonous ambitious or poison is peddled. 
(When 5) someone first time steals, filled with apprehension, if was not discovered in time to check, when be being stolen the 2nd times again, courage mostly. When stealing above, do not feel nervous with respect to the heart, the face did not become angry. At this moment, if which day did not steal a thing, in the heart uncomfortable, until come to the light till. 
(6) drinks beer when people first time when, the sort of the hogwash flavour that acid suffers from again, your person issues pharynx hard, when be being drunk the 2nd times again, the taste of acerbity suffering is much smaller, when had drunk above 3 times, feel faint scent is goluptious. 
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