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The 6 big questions of certainly child
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The 6 big questions of certainly child

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Most parents thinks " obedient child " it is good child, and Euramerican parents will be special teach a child must " the opinion that expresses oneself clearly " , and among the opinion in expression, still include to say " NO " ! Under incorrect certainly, model the baby that give to make us whacked:

Problem 1 words and deeds is abhorrent

Respecting is not done, words and deeds is abhorrent the person that can turn the child into opportunism. Because they know they can escape punishment, they try to exhaust can the ground accomplishs this.

Problem 2 look down upon and blame

Some parents always are the character of subjective negative child and travel, the child that likes to take other child and oneself is done quite. If things go on like this, strangle blindly with respect to the enthusiasm of meeting general child, the desire to do better, and the heart meets the child's proper pride and self-confidence to be destroyed by merciless ground.

Problem 3 protection or doting

Some parents two pairs is pulled everything female is big packets greatly, the business that joins filial in one's power is hated to part with let them do, restrict filial territory completely also the line of sight in oneself even inside. This kind of exorbitant is protected, disturbed the normal evolution of child body and mind badly, bring about the child to lack independent viability, socialization is difficult, self-doubt.

Problem 4 parents are too democratic

No matter important matter bagatelle places a hope,have some of father and mother at " Xiao Zhi in order to manage " , the result is to manage to was not concluded, the child however by be used to bad. The child (especially the child with lesser age) the experience with sufficient lack and eye, there are a lot of places to need to depend on parental guidance in the life, if be opposite its are too democratic, make its become very easily do as one wants.

5 abuse award punishs the problem method

The child lacks dispute to judge ability, to help its make a clear distinction between right and wrong, parents should be in at ordinary times the habit with nurturance trenchant rewards and punishment. If the child made a mistake, measurable penalty is should.
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