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How much does family education error know?
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● " the child teachs well is check square responsibility "

"A lot of parents think, I spend tens of thousands of money to send your so good school the child, had taught the child, nature is the thing of the school, teach bad, nature is the school is no good, the teacher is no good! " Wang Rukun of vice-president of Hainan experiment middle school says.

He Xiaoying of teacher of accessary elementary school has had college of Hainan normal school 20 years of school age, she says, a lot of parent jobs are busy, without giving thought to,cannot serve as really the child's excuse. Had taught the child, society, school, parent 3 person be short of one cannot.

● regards the mainest goal as the mark

A lot of parents regard the child's mark as the mainest education goal, take an examination of high component the parent is glad, honorable, take an examination of bad to get angry, beat and scold even. More parents sign up for class of a lot of take lessons after school on the weekend for the child, perhaps ask family education, the time the child occupies full ability to be at ease entirely.

"Money cannot represent time, contented child is not true care, whats cannot replace the time that is together with the child, an eyes, a movement, listen attentively to... is not to come up to ask achievement, abstract is begged. " Wang Rukun says.

● does not know the method that cherishs the child

The parent cherishs the child mostly, but the method that some people do not know care really.

Wang Rukun says, a lot of parents think innocently, the child is in nursery school, in elementary school very good, study is very good, arrived like junior high school, high school the meeting is very good, lack the research that changes to child physiology, psychology, became indulge slowly to the child's accredit.

Still have a kind of wrong care, namely " attention changes monitoring " , what do a lot of parent children do distrust, what should be in charge of to want to ask, the child does what parent to know, give the child with intense by the feeling of monitoring, aeriform on created very great pressure.

● everything monopolizes replace

He Xiaoying says, some old people consider the child what also won't, whats monopolize to the child, replace, cause the child free-standing ability extreme difference; Some old people are beyond the mark to the child doting, easy canal gives selfish child.

Wang Rukun thinks, the child arrived junior high school, already right mom's nag, exquisite produced cheesed move. He appeals, father also should the education of multibarrel canal child, arrived especially after junior high school.

● is lacked communicate with the child

Wang Rukun says, some parents gave school of blame of the or after the problem in the child square, the friend of or blame child, or it is husband and wife mutual blame.
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