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Search breach language to learn skill
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Compere language: A lot of reader incoming letters speak of, they regard English as all the time a knowledge is learning, acquire as a child big, can arrive last chat with the foreigner, discover his or won't say English. Learn a kind of language actually, communication is a purpose, is not language itself, the communication of the language and mastering many vocabulary, sentence pattern, grammar is two different matters. We ask this week the study result that a student studying abroad that studies abroad for a long time in the United States will come to to talk about him -- ,

Want to learn spoken language, be about to understand the thinking kind of American, this is the key of communication, my summary gives 6 kinds of skill here.

The first, how to limit the skill of a thing simply with English.

American and American chat 80% it is to think what telling the other side this thing is. For example do we often say this book is in Where Is The Book(where) ? Does very few someone say what) Whatisabook(book is? And American pupil begins to ask: What Is The Book? This kind of Where Is The Book is the descriptive phase of thinking only, and the idea that wants true him expression, be about to say What Is A Book?

The 2nd, want to train How To Explain Things In Different Ways(to explain same thing) with different kind.

Because of the thing, but the language symbol that conveys it may a lot of. This is about to be done more replace a practice, but not be mere language level replace. For instance, iloveyou, of Chinese student replace a method to change You into Her, my Mother, but this kind is replaced did not constitute a challenge to intelligence, did not start thinking; If American will replace,can say I Want To Kiss You, I Want To Hug You, I Will Show My Heart To You, perhaps interpret the film to the other side " Taitannike " . The means expression that differs with a kind that is to say is same a meaning, or it is not clear that the other side of an expression fashion listens, lift a case that knows easily simply to convey, understand till the other side.

The 3rd, institutional American describes the method of the thing.

Descriptive method China and foreign countries also has very big difference, come from time say, the Chinese is to press natural time order to describe, when we describe a thing to halt suddenly, that place that often says finally is the most important; American is however on the description speak out the most important thing first, say the thing of foil again next.

The 4th, want to learn to use local idiom.

Learn not easily, easy the stuff that creates understanding quandary is " idiom " . So what is idiom? It is every word you are known, but combine them together, you do not know is what meaning. For instance Peking Man said to cover a cap, the foreigner is very fathomless, this is idiom. When communicating with American so, can apply local idiom appropriately, he can feel very kind immediately, also love to communicate with you very much.
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