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Oral examination of English of the university entrance exam is direct (solution
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Oral examination of annual the university entrance exam will come again. Pass oral test of the university entrance exam approvingly to help examinee, author basis before grading experience, and the person of the same trade's wisdom, the problem that introduces calendar year simply to examinee reach its to ask, offer a few notes, hope examinee from which somewhat accrual, study an optimal result. Next week this edition will publish the problem that exists in examinee of the past years in colloquial exam and note.

Problem decompose with notch

Oral of the university entrance exam divides much, full marks is 100 minutes, inscribe greatly each notch distributing as follows: Part One Quick Response 10% Part Two Question Raising 20% Part Three Reading 10%Part Four Topic Talking 30% Part Five Picture Describing 30%

Quick Response(10% of the first part)

The scene that requirement examinee hears in the light of place undertakes inside formulary time respondent. For example:

, Fine Weather, isn't It? (Scene) , Yes, it Is. / Yes, but Isn't

It A Bit Cold? / ... (examinee)

Question Raising(20% of the 2nd part)

The scene that requirement examinee numerates in the light of place undertakes inside formulary time respondent, requirement examinee must be understood here or understand thematic content and requirement. Calendar year exam gives out two scenes ask examinee raises two questions each according to every scene, one is general question, another is special question. If examinee is carried general question or raise special question, can give the mark of the half only so. Of course, look even ask sentence correct, if incorrect cannot give cent. This kind of problem as follows:

Mary Has Just Returned From Australia. You Plan To Go There Too. Ask Hera Bout The Country Or Anything You Are Interested In. (Scene)

● Which Place Would You Recommend Me To Visit There? (Examinee) (special question) ● Is It Easy To Apply For Scholarship In Australia? (Examinee) (general question)

Reading(10% of the 3rd part)

Requirement examinee recites gives implied meaning, difficulty is equivalent to the relevant English text that place of high school phase learns.

Topic Talking(30% of the 4th part)

If requirement examinee gives in the light of place, the problem tells about his viewpoint. This kind of topic often involves the aspect such as society, family, school, environmental protection, morality, network. These are with daily life closely related or more popular topic.

In calendar year exam, these topics and of the 3rd part recite content to concern.

Picture Describing(30% of the 5th part)

The picture that requirement examinee gives in the light of place undertakes thoroughly narrative, what what give often is 4 pairs of coherent pictures, spread out around a theme. So, requirement examinee is narrated should coherent, want to abound with the word, speech dialect wants correct charming etc.
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