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The expert learns English to raise for the white-collar action
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Compere language: Increase stage by stage as what English popularizes degree, besides study of heart of heat build-up of old middle and primary school, use breathing space to charge the active choice that gets on foreign language class to also become a lot of office worker. But the uniqueness that office worker learns English to have them, general student of their study time unlike is mixed continuously in that way fixed, study is durative ensure hard. So, what kind of course should office worker choose? How should arrange study time? In at ordinary times what problem should note again in learning a process? For this, our newspaper reporter was interviewed technically hold the Gao Sheng that establishs education high to grow assistant dean, ask him to be raised for office worker action -- ,

Him understanding has a level

Tall dean points out, office worker learns English is not for commonly study abroad or be to deal with certain exam, they are the interest that stem from their commonly like or be professional need. The characteristic of this kind of learner had learned English in the past commonly namely, some even English basic training is sounder, but because a lot of people work later not commonly used bring about to English gradually not close. And intense with each passing day society competition is rising stage by stage to English requirement, because this office worker must choose to make his career progress more competitive,charge.

But because unlike is big the direction of study of high school student is so clear, the English degree that a lot of people master at present to oneself often is not very clear, the study content that does not know which kinds of which one level suits him more. This is opposite first before study signing up with respect to need oneself English level has a comprehensive knowledge. It is to undertake measuring oneself: The method is very simple, can browse book of a few foreign languages at will or be to hear broadcast of a few foreign languages, have to his current English condition from this roughly understanding, be sure quite when choosing course so. 2 be by groom the school has a test, at present a lot of foreign languages groom the school also offerred a few speech to test a system for student, through this kind of method level of test foreign language also is compared accurate.

Classify chooses course

Choose to go up in course, not all person suits to choose same kind course, the standard that this wants him foundation and attend class the purpose will choose. Can divide into 3 kinds of types commonly:

One, answer the job to need

Need solves the real problem that encounters in the job, can be one the clearest kind grooms purpose. The job that has some of person for example needs to use business affairs, money to be able to wait for professional English diction, or it is to need to hold the position of the position such as oral interpretation, because this kind of student chooses class hour to should choose the course of relevant major, at the same time best can choose short-term inside what time centers quite is concentrated groom. Such word can master the English that him work place needs inside the shortest time, study sth in order to apply it.
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