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Mug diary 18: How to consolidate present perfect
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Today is on December 30, it is the 18th day when learn in new east. Today's main task still continues to learn and consolidate present perfect.

1, the child grows in independence

The child is in thrive, especially its independent character is stronger and stronger. A child of 5 years old, oneself are OK now daily life. What cannot think of more is, the child me get up today and woke me up.

Want to know, because the child has an insatiable desire for evening, everyday rest to need everybody to urge ability go to bed rests everywhere. Today one big early, the child is he gets up actually, the room that comes to me next says very proudly: "Father, the dress that myself wears, a little while I myself fold a quilt even. "See the child that proud appearance, I praised her one time rapidly.

Actually I rested last night also a little some later. It is first will these days text and word were reviewed, return prepare lessons before class next new text. Want, already several days did not hear magnetic tape. When reviewing, the key read the text that when issueing a Shandong, falls. Not bad, this a few classes are not too difficult.

As a result of too busy by day, after reviewing evensong article, I browse the newspaper of recapture home chronically. Since make paper, be about everyday the habit that nurturance reads a newspaper, this is occupational disease. If where day does not read a newspaper, what to lack in be like the life like.

Send the child to go in the morning nursery school when, the teacher says new year's day the child has a holiday one day. But my unit does not have a holiday, the English study that is us also does not have a holiday. Look, this year new year's day this holiday, because be in Zhou Si, do not wear before village, do not wear after inn, a lot of units have a holiday impossibly also.

2, the negative form of general question

(1) , in English, can deny with general question the form will express to expect, the answer that request or hopes to get affirmation, be like:

Isn't That Your Car? (Is this your car? (Is this your car??

Didn't You Have A Crash? (didn't you give traffic accident? (didn't you give traffic accident??

Didn't You Finish Your Work? (didn't you complete your work? (didn't you complete your work??

Didn't You Love Me? (don't you love me? (don't you love me??

Can't You Be Quiet? (you cannot quiet? (you cannot quiet??

(2)"yet" is the mark of the tense that finish, multi-purpose mix at question negative sentence an end. Its are " in question already the meaning of " , denying sentence in it is " is returned, still the meaning of " . "Already" is to be used in affirmation sentence in. For example:

<1>Have You Met Mrs.Jones Yet?

Yes, I Have.

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