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Must not the beautiful words of interpret without real understanding
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Scan widely world, beautiful type English (American English) is replacing Anglicism stage by stage (Britain English) and fashionable whole world. Be in our country, as the day of Sino-US economy, culture communication beneficial is strengthened, learn beautiful type English to become fashion not only, it is hasten of general trends place more.

Beautiful type English and Anglicism are distinguished in respect of pronunciation, dialect not only remarkable, and also differ somewhat sometimes in word spelling respect. In addition, beautiful type English also has great difference with Anglicism sometimes on semantics.

Have exemple for card, student studying abroad of a China is read in American university when, an American classmate says to him: "Our Physical Lab Had A Killer Today. "Our Physical Lab Had A Killer Today..

Chinese student studying abroad listens was stupefied, examine minutely closely: "Really? Anyone Killed? How Many Wounded? " (" really? Have a the dead? How many person is injured? " ) apparent ground, this Chinese student studying abroad is right American classmate of that word (Liu Jue is unripe)
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