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How does physics of the university entrance exam face a play
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To great majority classmate, because attend insecurity of mood of hard to avoid of the university entrance exam for the first time. Enter the first job of examination room so, should make namely him mood calm down, sit in the deep breathing on the seat a few times or outside facing a window, look at a little while to far, with this calm mood.

After taking examination paper, as far as possible ordinal answering question, the interview after not be eager to understand the difficulty of examination questions and be being leafed through is inscribed, see a few new problems that had not seen otherwise, can cause mood insecurity, fluster, affect the mood of whole exam even. In the process of ordinal answering question, should notice first easy hind difficult, if encounter the problem that does not know how to start temporarily, must put down, again backward answering question, cannot pester overmuch time go up in a problem.

Careful careful problem is notched foundation, the problem that encounters familiar face more want careful careful to read, the attention solves the standardization of the problem, be assure basically what gain tall cent. Standardization asks to use symbol of the literal specification that gives out in the problem, physical quantity as far as possible, if set a mark oneself, must make clear its a denotive physical quantity; The regulation of physical quantity sign, same way inscribes around to want to agree in the process that solve a problem, lest cause a disorder; Listed equation must be contacted with problem desire photograph, cannot write general formula only; Want to era enters the figure process of known quantity; Solution problem should have clear result finally, include size, unit, direction and necessary specification. The avoid by all means that solve a problem gets dead end, a route goes be illogical be about to alternate train of thought goes considering an issue, those who notice a variety of thinking methods is agile apply, for example, keep apart a law, integral law, converse thinking law, equivalent thinking law is waited a moment.

In recent years physics contacts actual problem amount to increase ceaselessly in division examination questions, because a lot of classmates lack practical experience, see this kind of problem has scared mentality. Actually, difficulty of this kind of problem often not quite, but when solving must abstraction becomes certain physics model, make clear physical process of the title, hang with has learned physics rule, mensurable, formula again swallow the bait, solved not hard. Some classmates existence is fear of interdisciplinary the psychology of integrated problem. Interdisciplinary integrated problem often is the setting material with give out certain, the title is longer, read a quantity bigger, but the reason that uses, change, difficulty of unripe course knowledge is not great, want us only careful careful problem, make clear problem desire, can relatively solve conveniently.
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