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Countermeasure of answering question of geography of the university entrance exa
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The basis learns the problem that exists in the answering question when the life, and the requirement of the university entrance exam, it from 4 the respect talks how to answer is good that from 4 the respect talks how to answer examination questions.

One, understand problem desire: Examination questions of the university entrance exam is to pass certain written language to state (contemporary article, ancient prose) or the form such as chart, data appears, examinee should have the capacity that collects significant information from inside data of character and chart, data, can undertake to the information of extraction treatment, processing is mixed apply, resolve the question that raises in examination questions. Want to achieve this requirement, examinee above all must can understand problem desire, find out a keyword, hold the central implication of examination questions, and examination questions replies requirement, such ability accomplish have a definite object in view.

2, graphic representation seeing Qing Dynasty: The it may be said of examination questions of the university entrance exam 2000 is to inscribe a problem to have a plan. Accordingly, the student should be mixed to the characteristic of of all kinds and geographical image, chart action masters seriously. Read the content that behaves in clear picture, chart seriously when answering question, mix effectively from what dominance extracts in graphic representation material recessive information. Want data of watchful general image, chart and literal material organic union rises, try to be applied neatly.

3, notice to contact: Mutual connection, mutual influence is between all sorts of geographical element, accordingly, the mutual connection between geographical thing and phenomenon should note when answering question, pay close attention to even at the same time interdisciplinary the connection between, and as actual as the life connection.

4, accurate state: After undertaking logistic analysis to examination questions, want to undertake the conception of the answer, it is clear to can state the answer can state the answer with exact language, this also is the important segment in the exam. When many classmates are being reviewed at ordinary times, this field training is inadequate, often appear " have grandiose aims but puny abilities " , " the dumpling in kettle does not go out " circumstance, accordingly, examinee is being reviewed greet in taking an examination of, should put the training that the language states ability in significant position.

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