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Early grow into useful timber of good boy of wind of cold door home
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-- the family education story of Li Shenjie of winner of gold of informatics of international of high school student

Successful type: Outstanding high school student, winner of gold of contest of Olympic of informatics of international of high school student.

Domestic background: Impoverished worker family. Culture of maternal junior high school, father is a driver.

Family education characteristic: The study with good education is used to · of wind of Home · good to be an upright person education

16 years ago, monkey is worth when Li Shenjie is born year New Year of the traditional Chinese calendar, the parents that does not have how many culture asks an uncle to give name: Shen Jie, hope he is become with the person of outstanding talent in age person; After 16 years, li Shenjie does not lose popular confidence eventually, regarded Chinese team as the age 1996 the smallest take part in the match team member, hold in both hands from Budapest answered informatics of international of the 8th high school student (computer programming) Olympic contest gold.

Say with the person of acquaintanceship of Home Li Shenjie, li Shenjie's success is a miracle, he learns origin without the home already, learn a condition without abundant life again, computer also learned only 5 years short. Where is Li Shenjie's successful mystery?

Although mom has culture of junior high school only, the word that can say sentence sentence reasonable

Young the Li Shenjie when follows all children to learn count in mom's bosom euqally, learn know how to read, what what differ is to mix snack, buy toy photograph to compare, he is having deeper interest to buying a book to the bookshop. Li Shenjie's mother is the average woman worker of one school-run factory, 10 years convulsion delayed her school work. Look at the son true love to the book, she feels gratified, every month she careful calculation and strict budgeting, live frugaly, squeeze an one share cash to buy a book for Shen Jie from inside very few family expenses. In this average household, paint the most conspicuous in mottled furniture is the bookcase of pile of full book.

"The teacher is closer than Mom, mom can give you food and clothing only, it is the teacher teachs you knowledge, there is prospect after making you grown. Pa Mom culture is not high, cannot coach you, you must learn seriously in the school, listen carefully, do not waste time. " go up when elementary school, mom often exhorts so small Shen Jie. (cooperate school education actively, be good! ) Li Shenjie from at the beginning with respect to nurturance good study convention, achievement all the time be among the best of candidates.

Elementary school when 5 grade, li Shenjie is recommendedNanjing
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